Eastern Independence
Rhonda's House
54 Anchor Dr.
Lake Tapawingo, MO  64015
United States of America

OBEY ALL POSTED ROAD SIGNS!  COMPLETELY STOP  at all stop signs!  Posted Speed Limits 15 and 20 MPH.  If don’t see a sign stick to 15.


I have FOUR spots up near street. You will see two signs that read Parking for 54 Anchor Only.  PARK There.  You can also park in the gravel driveway to the east of those spots at the vacant property – single lane (can fit 2 cars and maybe 3).  You can also park on the right side of my driveway. I share a driveway so leave room for neighbors to get in and out.  You can park in front of my garage doors as well.  DO NOT PARK ON THE STREET ON THE LAKESIDE OF THE ROAD.  You can park on the street on other side of road, but as I am on a curve go past the house and park on other side of street.