At the 2019 6040 District Foundation Dinner, our nightly little club was recognized as the Klinginsmith Cup for having received the Presidential Citation for the Rotary year and making the highest per capital contribution to the Rotary Foundation Annual Fun during the Rotary year.  With a per capital giving of $475.00 per member!  In addition, we received every single possible recognition that any club can receive. These are:
  • Star Club - Level 4 & Highest Per Capital Giving Club - contributed an average of $400 or more per member to the Rotary Foundation
  • End Polio Now Level 1 ($1500/per club) $ Level 2 - $50 per captial
  • TRF Giving Banner for clubs that had 100% participation in TRF Giving to the Rotary Foundation
  • We thank our Past President Sonci Bleckinger for her leadership through this award-winning and life changing Rotary Year.